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Grading Cart

Grading mink has never been so easy and accurate at the same time. Our grading cart has multible LED lights which can be changed in 3 styles, Blue, White and Daylight. The last one, Daylight, is the best way to judge a mink. The clamp is holding the mink steady so an accurate judgement is highly possible. With battery pack, so no wires needed while working.

On the other side, there's a weighing scale with easy to read display. The clamp makes sure the mink is steady but not harmed.   


  • No damage to the mink
  • Usable in every weather condition 
  • Easy to use - 2 LED lights of 6 Watt 
  • With easy weighing mechanisme 
  • Clamp is adaptable to different sizes of mink 
  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Solid rubber wheels <-- NEVER A FLAT TIRE!!   
Product leaflet
Gradingcart.pdf (446.02KB)
Gradingcart.pdf (446.02KB)

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