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Twinca Royal 8.14

Twinca Royal 8.14 is a feeder with a mixer for the future-oriented mink farm. The feed tank holds up to 1400 kg. The machine is designed for large scale operations and in a strong and contemporary design. The patented feed pump ensures a precise amount of food. In combination with Twinca Step, Twinca Royal provides a unique feeding concept.



  • Water dosing
  • Oil cooler
  • Danfoss/Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system
  • Air suspension seat
  • Powerful pivot steering
  • Safety system
  • LED lights
  • Large range of accessories
  • Twinca Easy feed computer

Technical specifications

Battery: 65AH/12VDC

Engine: Kubota 1505
Power: 36 HP
Cylinders: 4
Cooler: Water

Oil capacity: 14/6,3 cc
Working pressure: 195 bar
Cooler: Oil

Oil capacity: 28 cc
Working pressure: 210 bar
Driving: 4 WD

Hydraulic tank: 50 liters
Diesel tank: 50 liters
Feed tank: 1400 kg
Water tank: 80 liters

Machine dimensions
H: 165 cm
L = 3710 cm
W = 90 cm

Weight: 1200 kg

Turning circle: Outer 4.50m

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